kenneth moreno kiernan.
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research, object


my name is kenneth moreno kiernan.

i work in / on research, processes, object/sculpture.

i am from america latina. i grew up in different places: in the fields, at sea and on the mountains.
much of my time was spent in the countryside, withdrawn from multitude of people.

i romanticize the idea of withdrawal: of places-far-away from other-places, out of reach.
i have feelings of love, longing and sadness for my querida america latina.

i am interested in the balance between lightness and weight, conceptually and sculpturally.
i experiment with electronics, moving and kinetic bodies and light(ing).


i fell my work, now increasingly is shaped and supplemented by my “awareness” as a white latin american: what does it mean to be poised in between argentina and europe: culturally, ethnically, geographically?, and these feelings of loneliness, of nostalgia for my dear america latina.

my research has become interested in the colonial history of latin america, particularly that of tierra del fuego. i have used research and writing as both a starting point and as a transition medium into kinetic and moving object/sculpture.

my thesis: “deus ex-machina in tierra del fuego, escape-ism and the monte”, worked as a juxtaposition of colonial documentation (both from colonizers and colonized), and my own texts and drawings, creating and recreating surreal and imaginary worlds of my own.
i can share my portfolio and thesis.